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J2M at Comic Con in San Diego, july 27 2014.

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spn season ten more like


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november - by max richter [x]


november - by max richter [x]

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wait so sherlock went from knowing nothing about the solar system to suddenly knowing about some obscure supernova in one episode? if you don’t think that man has the hots for john watson and lives to impress him then you are living under a rock

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Loki's Army of Sherlockians who Hunt Things


Can we take a moment to realise how fantastic these are. I mean look their just fantastic
Ps these aren’t mine their wisesnail so all compliments can go their I just wanted to appreciate them 👍👌

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A Quote

INTERVIEWER: Who is the lonelier character — Doctor Who's Doctor, or Sherlock?

MOFFAT: I think the Doctor, because the Doctor actually does crave company; I don’t think Sherlock really does.

I think people get under his skin—and I think possibly without him even realising—so John, and Mrs. Hudson, definitely. He’s very fond of her.

And he’s actually terribly fond of Lestrade—he doesn’t know it yet, but he is. I think he got to [Sherlock] in a way he hadn’t been got to before. It just sort of happened. And it happened in the stories, too.

Sherlock wants to be a calculating machine, but he really isn’t. He really, absolutely, properly isn’t.

He’s a quite a moody, difficult, emotional man, is the truth—even in the original.

And it’s really fascinating to read the real Doyle, and you realise: if [Sherlock] thinks a man has wronged a woman, he’s dragging a riding crop off the wall to beat him up, ‘cause he’s so angry.

He’s actually not at all cold and aloof, he just wants to be and presents that way. But he isn’t—he isn’t at all.

But he would like to be.

Steven Moffat

(Emer Sugrue’s University Observer interview transcript, February 2012 [x])

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Loki's Army of Sherlockians who Hunt Things


Sherlock & Watson True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side.

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Loki's Army of Sherlockians who Hunt Things


In that moment I wondered…How could she have known?

I kept it a secret even from myself.

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